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E-commerce Web Design – Design Shopp

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Design Shopp is marketing and creativity. This means that we not only know how to build a secure site that meets the growing expectations of online shoppers, but also how to get interested customers to your site. Having experts in marketing, design, and technical development under one roof means that we have unified strategy with which we can better understand your goals.

We investigate how your business functions inside and out. By interviewing key organizational leaders and executives in your company, we can assess your challenges, goals, and practical concerns. You’re the experts in your field and we look to you for your valuable perspective.

Comprehensive research of consumer behavior, industry trends, and competitors is vital to a holistic view of a project. This can involve surveying potential audiences and deploying various analytical tools. Tools such as Google Analytics and Inspectlet give us insight into the strengths and weaknesses of your current website. Not only does this research inform our strategy, it can also prompt us to start asking better questions about your needs.

We interpret your analytics, relevant sales information, and other available data to effectively and accurately get an overview of your current status and set quantifiable benchmarks for your future success.

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