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E-path – Grow your business online

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The online environment is inherently risky: constantly evolving technologies and platforms, ever changing customer expectations, and a myriad of self-interested online “specialists” who don’t seem to understand your true business needs.

In addition to deep expertise in global best practices, choosing ePath minimizes your project risk while delivering eCommerce solutions with this combination of unique benefits to your online business:

Singular focus on Business results

Not clicks and likes, but real eBusiness and eCommerce solutions that are important to you and your organization … Leads, Sales, Revenue, and ROI.

Holistic view of your online Business challenges

We’re not focused on an particular technology or service, and can deliver objective, holistic eCommerce solutions.

Support at the Board and Management Team level

ePath’s credibility and communication skills can deliver key support for your projects with senior stakeholders.


Our pay-for-performance compensation option means you pay only for results achieved, creating team alignment, and significantly lowering your overall project risk.

We’ll train and strengthen your team along the way

Our goal is to leave your existing organization more capable after each engagement, increasing your internal know-how and skills to lead your industry.

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